Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Quiet Morning on Nantucket

 Nantucket Island was earily quiet this morning.   It's a beautiful sunny day and 48 degrees on island. The church bells were ringing and the seagulls were squeeling but Nantucket seemed calm... which is always a good thing.
A quiet morning at the commercial pier.  Many of the island's fishing boats are out scalloping.  Nantucket restaurants have been featuring a variety of scallop entrees which are absolutely fabulous!
 This injured seagull finds a sunny resting spot to recouperate.
 Shoppers were few and far between this morning.
 Nantucket Hotel's shuttle was parked quietly outside.
 Nantucket surfers are taking a break since the ocean is also calm today.
 The stillness of Miacomet Pond.
 Perhaps the golfers will fit a round in this morning before the afternoon football games.
Yes, Nantucket may be quiet today but it's still quite beautiful.
Cheers !

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