Saturday, October 27, 2012

Nantucket Scallops

Families anxiously awaited the opening of Scallop season which began on Nantucket began Oct 3 this year for residential permits.  The commercial fisherman will begin their search for scallops on November 1, 2012 through March.  Bay scallops are truly the "jewel" of the island and are appreciated by all.  Jetty's Beach parking lot is an area that many people visit to discard their scallop shells after opening.  The seagulls LOVE this opportunity to enjoy the delectables left behind.  As the holiday season arrives many of these shells will be seen as illuminated ornaments on our local Christmas trees.  I'll definitely follow up and show you the unique charm of a Nantucket Island Christmas.

The seagulls are waiting for me to leave so they can get back to their pile of scallop shells.

Jetty's Beach

So calm today but tropical storm "Sandy" is on the way.

Cheers !

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